How We Get Paid

Our platform is another reason investors seek us out when completing a Real Property 1031 Exchange.  The platform of a financial services provider is created to connect, educate and conduct due diligence on several sponsors.

Our DST sponsors apply and request to be on our platform.  Space on the platform is limited to sponsors we have thoroughly vetted and those we believe have impressive track records.

Diversification is also important.  Sponsors must be geographically diverse.  We also allow on our platform those sponsors of differing types of real estate like multi-family, net-lease, medical, senior-living, student-housing, storage, mineral royalties and more.  This provides our clients with an opportunity to own several different DSTs in their real estate portfolio by not putting all their eggs in one basket.

The DST sponsor is the seller of the real estate held by the DST.  Similar to the way sellers of real estate pay the commission, the DST sponsor pays the commission and closing fees on the sale of any interest in a DST.  Typically, the minimum investment in a DST for an accredited investor is $100,000.