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Real Tax Relief with a 1031 Exchange

Real Property Trust & Estate Planning believes in taking full advantage of the complete tax relief provided by the IRS-approved real estate change laws and regulations. We’ve spent decades studying the rules and we apply them everyday to the needs of our clients. We partner with you to find, choose and purchase quality replacement property which qualifies for capital gains tax-deferral through the proper use of Internal Revenue Code §1031. Investment real estate owners may sell their existing property and defer paying any and all capital gains tax if they reinvest in replacement property of equal or greater value.

A 1031 Exchange can:

  • Defer taxes on capital gains and depreciation recapture
  • Allow for the transition from active to passive real estate
  • Potentially improve cash flow
  • Provide a pathway to diversification of real estate properties

Real 1031 Exchange Experience

Based in Central Texas, Real Property Trust & Estate Planning provides a knowledgeable perspective tailored for each client. Texas is one of the fastest growing real estate markets in the United States. Living and working here, we’re no stranger to real-life scenarios of complex 1031 exchanges. Our great state affords us an education in real property to real property exchanges that would be virtually impossible to learn in a classroom. Farms, ranches, raw land, rent houses, oil royalties, office buildings, storage units, apartments, gas royalties, duplexes and cell phone tower leases are some of the exchanges we’ve completed.

Real Property Trust & Estate Planning was formed by partners with over 43 years of combined investment experience. Our background includes working with savvy real estate investors, Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) sponsors, real estate attorneys, CPAs and qualified intermediaries (QIs). We assist you in the process of analyzing and selecting replacement properties to reasonably accomplish the most beneficial and tax-efficient 1031 exchange.

Real 1031 Exchange Connections

Our clients say the #1 reason they partner with us is our connections. We’ve been around awhile and forged wonderful working relationships with a long list of experts. Our job, as we see it, is to assist you, the real property owner, in achieving your unique vision of real estate ownership. If, after a brief phone call, you decide what we offer is not for you, we’ll offer to connect you to someone who can help you meet your goals. It’s a philosophy that has worked well for us over several decades and we’ve got the friends to prove it.

  • We’re not CPAs.
  • We’re not real estate agents.
  • We’re not lawyers.
  • We’re not qualified intermediaries.
  • We’re not escrow agents.
  • We’re not a title company.

It is important that the landowners we serve know this, so we spell it out right up front. However, the financial recommendation we offer the real estate investor is born from years of working with these professionals. We know what works because we have “quarterbacked” decades of deals by working together with the landowner and his or her CPA, attorney and real estate broker. Too many times we’ve witnessed the failure of an exchange due to the lack of communication between two or more professionals. We’re at our best when we keep the lines of communication open between all professionals and the landowner. We have experience managing every step of the 1031 Exchange process.

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